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Direct deposit, payroll deduction, pre-authorized submission via the Automated Clearing House (ACH), and internal transfers are services offering members of Secure First Credit Union convenience and efficiency. These electronic deposit and payment arrangements ensure accuracy and consistency when structured properly.

In cooperation with many of our sponsor groups, we can receive and credit direct deposits and payroll deductions. Contact your company's personnel or payroll department for specific requirements to begin this process. For retirement and/or Social Security benefits, as well as military allotments, please contact a Member Services Representative. We can assist you with this procedure and the specific requirements involved.

ACH is a method of totally electronic processing of funds transfer administered by the Federal Reserve Banks. It is a highly effective and simple service, and it has grown dramatically in popularity during recent years. Today many organizations, including employers and merchants, utilize ACH to distribute paychecks (payroll deposits) and to charge customer accounts (such as insurance premiums). For you as a member of Secure First Credit Union, pre-authorized ACH debit payments and credit (deposit) receipts offer the security of knowing your funds will be available and processed by the start of business on the effective date of each transaction.

Our internal transfer capabilities provide a great deal of flexibility in that we can tailor transfer, distribution, and payment options to cover a variety of circumstances and references. These transfers can be set up in conjunction with direct deposit, payroll deduction, and ACH transactions, or as independent, predetermined request.

In most instances, we can arrange transfers to and from sub-accounts within the same primary member account and/or outside that primary member account, as well. And internal transfers to loan accounts for repayment are not considered Regulation D transactions, therefore are not subject to limitation.

Our Member Services Representatives will be happy to discuss these transfer options and help you select and begin the program which best suits your needs.