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Effective 2/1/2009    

Account Charges   
Below Minimum Balance (monthly)          $5.00     Excessive withdrawals (after 4/mth) (Note2)    $2.00  
Non Sufficient Funds (NSF)                        $30.00 Dormant Account Processing Fee (Note 7)      $15.00  
Reprocessing Fee (Note 1)                        $20.00 Inactive Account Fee (monthly) (Note3)              $5.00  
Returned Statement/Invalid Address         $2.00  Safe Deposit Box Late Fee                                    $10.00
Stop Payment  $15 single item; $25 consecutive series Personalized checks                                               Varies  
Check Copies (each)                                     $2.00  Counter Checks (4 per Page)                               $1.00
Christmas Club Early withdrawal (Note4) $10.00  
Check Cashing Fee $2.00 per check (account with basic share only)    
Member Privilege Fee $30.00 (takes account into negative balance)    
Loan Charges    
Loan Late Payment(of payment due)              5% Visa Late Payment                                              $10.00  
Visa Over Limit (monthly)                                  $10.00 Secure Visa Annual Fee                                     $25.00
Loan Refinance (of loan balance to lower rate) .5%  Loan Extension                                            Interest Due
Mortgage Loan Application (refunded at closing) $0    
Title Processing                                                    $16.50    
Card Charges    
ATM Transactions (withdrawal, transfer, inquiry) $1.00    
PIN Reissue                                                          $1.00    
Card Replacement                                              $5.00    
Miscellaneous Charges    
Deposit Item Return Fee    (Note5)                  $10.00 Research/Account Reconciliation ($5min)      $25.00  
Stop Payment on an Official Check                 $20.00 Item Processed for Collection                          $20.00  
Account History Printout                                     $2.00 Statement Copy (available free w/ EStatements)$2.00  
Fax (local)                                                             $1.00 Photocopy per Page                                           $0.25 
Photocopy per page Color                                 $0.50  Money Orders                                                      $1.00
Cashierís Check                                                  $2.50 Visa Gift Card                                                       $2.50
Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Small          $25.00 Outgoing Wire Fee                                              $15.00
Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Medium      $38.00 Incoming Wire Fee                                              $15.00
Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Large          $75.00  
Garnishment/Levy Processing  (Note6)         $25.00    


1.   Reprocessing Fee: NSF at time of presentment, but subsequently covered by deposit before returned NSF.

2.   Excessive Withdrawals: $2.00 per withdrawal after 4 per month. Only applies to share accounts with no other deposits or loans.

3.   Inactive Account Fee: 12 months no qualifying activity; share and checking accounts only if over the age of 18.

4.   Christmas Club Early Withdrawal: Any withdrawal made January to September

5.   Deposit Item Return Fee: Check credited (deposit or payment) to memberís account returned for any reason.

6.   Garnishment/Levy Processing: $25 or remaining balance less $1 AFTER SFCU complies with court order.

7.   Dormant Account Processing Fee: Any Account that has been inactive for 3 years and must be turned over to the State.

*subject to change without notice.